Vérité Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Vérité just released her brand new Living EP, and to celebrate, she’s made a mix tape just for you MAGNET readers. Full of her favorites and inspirations, this eclectic mix is the perfect warm-up for Living.

Daughter “Numbers”
I love this song because it’s so still and beautiful. She seems so dissociated, even as layers build and swell around her. Honestly, listening to this and the rest of Not To Disappear leaves me sad and questioning existence: my favorite post-album feelings. Video

Flume “Smoke & Retribution”
Flume programs drums like no other. From the very beginning, the track hits hard, and Vince Staples matches the intensity, and is as jarring as the percussion stops. This is so much more dynamic than a typical Flume track. Video

Kehlani “Did I”
I fell in love with Kehlani’s You Should Be Here and spent a lot of time listening to it. I love that this is what’s she’s following the album up with. She’s lyrically transparent and has such a natural flow.  Video

Jai Paul “BTSTU”
I keep coming back to Jai Paul. Nothing and no one sounds like him, and he’s so shrouded in mystique and mystery. Definitely makes me want to build tracks that are as original. Video

A-Trak Featuring Phantogram “Parallel Lines”
As a huge Phantogram fan, this definitely seems like a stretch and a good segue into their next LP. I just love how this shows their versatility and shows that they’re going to come back and dominate with whatever they’re working on. Video

Lucius “Born Again Teen”
Lucius is perfect. Everything from the aesthetic to the performances are so perfectly coordinated and choreographed. I love seeing them grow into a sound that is more percussive and upbeat. Video

Rihanna “Needed Me”
This is by far my favorite song on Anti. The chorus melody is so good, and the track is classic DJ Mustard in the best possible way. Video

James Blake “I Need A Forest Fire”
Bon Iver and James Blake couldn’t really go wrong if they tried. The vocal harmonies are perfect, and while this doesn’t hit me hard, it’s meditative in nature and has these perfect, beautiful moments I keep coming back to. Video

Radiohead “Daydreaming”
I haven’t listened to this whole album yet, and am honestly still unsure about it. But there’s something oddly meditative-yet-uplifting about this track with the visuals. Video

Sufjan Stevens “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.”
This is my all-time favorite Sufjan song. I really admire people who are storytellers, and this song paints such a vivid picture and leaves me dead. Video