Miss Geo Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Miss Geo has just released new album Connection, and the band is celebrating in a way that should be of direct interest to you—by way of a specially curated mix tape. Paz, Abby and Alex have all laid out some great tracks for you to listen to. Check it out below, and make sure to pick up Connection.

Years And Years, “Shine”
Paz: I randomly discovered Years And Years on Spotify. I soon became obsessed by the English pop trio. The songs are pretty and uplifting, the vocals and the production approach perfection. Their songs drive emotions really high to the point where you fear you’re the falling when music ends. Video

Dum Dum Girls, “Coming Down”
Paz: Within the next few seconds of listening to this song, my mind shifts attention and tears appear. The vocals and the delayed guitars are the foundation of the intensity and the beauty of the song. There are obvious similarities to “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star), but this resemblance doesn’t remove any power from the song. Video

Goldroom, “Embrace”
Paz: Goldroom is an incredible synth/pop producer and collaborates with a great vocalist. “Embrace” is one example of his successful collaborations. The vocals are sexy. The construction of the song is detailed oriented and on point. Video

Joanna Newsom, “Leaving The City”
Paz: I discovered Joanna Newsom in France and was amazed by the quality and the beauty of her songs. I then moved to Boston and forgot about her. A few months ago, a friend made me rediscover her and I will never forget her beautiful music! Angelic vocals, and the accompaniments are beautiful. Every instance in Newsom’s music is beautiful. Video

Ladytron, “Playgirl”
Abby: I remember seeing them perform this live at the Paradise sometime after 604 came out, and I was way in the back of the room and it still hit me like a ton of bricks. They have a big dark presence and were my first exposure to electropop. Video

Club 8, “Stay By My Side”
Abby: This song has a certain ambience, and it reminds me of a period of exploration in my life. It’s dream pop and nostalgic, and I always associate it with smoking cigarettes, four-track tape decks and sitting on carpets. Video

Life Without Buildings, “Juno”
Abby: I revel in the way Sue Tompkins expresses her internal monologue with lyrics. They’re so raw to the point where it feels like an intimate conversation with the listener. And the guitar parts on the album are so clever. They were only around a few years but made an impact on me. Video

Grimes, “Circumambient”
Alex: Obviously, Grimes. I think Grimes influenced many musicians and performers into thinking everything is what you make of it. If you don’t want electronic-based music to be a boy’s club, then participate and do whatever it takes. Through her production, I learned that technology is not a demon, it is my friend, and that it is a friend I have every right to engage in as much as “the next guy.” I also learned that genres and labels are bullshit in the post-internet world. I could go on forever, but I won’t. This is a great track from one of my favorite albums of all time. Video

Elton Motello, “Jet Boy/Jet Girl”
Alex: For most of my life (so far) I have followed punk, hardcore and garage punk. I actually can’t remember the first time I heard this song (it has been covered by countless punk and indie bands), but I always placed this song on playlists populated by primarily “dance” music. This to me is a dance/pop hit. This song is what I want dance music to be, though I don’t think there are any electronic instruments on this recording, and I am pretty sure it has been catalogued as “punk” or “glam” in the past. But it’s really the content and delivery that spoke to me. Video