Film At 11: BROS

BROS have just released their self-titled record on Dine Alone Records. Their Ryan Gullen-directed clip for “Tell Me” can be seen below, a gently weird video for a wonderfully smooth rock tune. Says Gullen (Sheepdogs) of the clip, “I wanted to make a video that was serious that didn’t take itself too seriously. I drew a lot of inspiration from ’90s and early 2000s rap videos. I love the simplicity of performance videos that include throwback vibes with a group just walking down a street being fun characters. My vision was to create a more modern take on these videos but to maintain a lot of the sensibilities and the fun tone that made these videos great. I shot the whole thing with drones to allow for the long continual shots that kept the video moving along and mixed that with some performance stock footage that I found from a fair in Philadelphia in the ’70s.”