From The Desk Of Kleenex Girl Wonder: Funny Funny Stuff

Kleenex Girl Wonder just released 13th LP The Comedy Album. Graham Smith, who’s been making pan-genre pop rock in bedrooms, studios, forests and everywhere in between under the KGW name with various people since 1994, joins MAGNET as guest editor this week. Climb inside his skull as he figures out what it’s all about, whatever “it” may be.


Smith: Since The Comedy Album is about, well, comedy, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to put together some of my favorite funny things. Perhaps you can glimpse a thread that runs through all of these entries, which will give you some insight into what makes me tick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not the case. One thing I realized relatively recently is that some of the funniest things are beyond explanation as to why they are funny; they just work, not necessarily for everyone, but for you. That kind of humor is the most sublime. Sure, there are good jokes that you can take apart and explain (“You see, Jimmy Fallon is playing with the notion of shame, and how it is interpolated by the zeitgeist … ”), but the best jokes just kind of sit there and do their job.

Here are some of my favorite funny things. I will present them without comment, per the above, but am also glad to discuss any of them if you like.

Sparks, “Something For The Girl With Everything” live

“The Fesh Pince Of Blair”

“Jimbo On His War Guitar”

Pound House Episode 7, “Mansion”

“Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (Dancehall Jamaican Patois Remix)”

Salvador Dali On What’s My Line?

“Leon Redbone: A Story About Leon From A Record Shop Owner”

“Dinner With Friends With Brett Gelman And Friends”

“3D Laser Hologram Tiger”

2 Wet Crew, “3D Dream”

“Steve Harvey Doesn’t Want To Host Family Feud Anymore”

MIDI Nickelodeon Playing “Circus Galop Its Insane”

“Society’s Lies”