Film Jacket 35 Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Film Jacket 35 is a lo-fi rock band from Athens, Ga. In January, the duo will release a new album, Limbo Mind & Infected Cells, but in the meantime John and Jam D have come together to construct a mix tape just for MAGNET. Check it out below, read along, and be sure to put listening to Limbo Mind & Infected Cells on your new year’s resolution list.

The Knickerbockers, “Lies”
Jam D: The best Beatles tune was never composed by the Beatles. Video

Happy Mondays, “Tart Tart”
John: I agree that the most popular and best-selling album from Happy Mondays is Pills n’ Thrills And Bellyaches, but my personal favourite is their debut. There are only a few albums that take you to the time and place that they were recorded, and this song is the best example. P.S: Shaun Ryder was a genius and I love the way he uses words in his lyrics. Video

Bazooka, “Ravening Trip”
John: One interesting thing about the economical and social unrest in Greece over the last 8 years(!), is the fact that many great artists/bands came out in the underground scene. Bazooka is one of them and I’m glad we belong in the same scene with such bands. Killer tune! Video

Black Lips, “Not A Problem”
Jam D: I’m just proud this music comes from my generation! Video

Velvet Underground, “Sister Ray”
John: If we claim that our father was Sister Ray, that automatically makes us brothers with Jon Spencer. That’s a great thought! I love noise. Video

Pink Floyd, “Time”
Jam D: The absolute song musically and lyrically. In seven minutes, your whole life repeats itself through your eyes. Sadness, anxiety, anger, remorse, hope … Video

Half Japanese, “Elevator Boy”
John: Half Japanese was the band that showed me the other side of music and art, generally. A new world showed up in front of me when digging their musical approach. This song is my choice from the LP that Kurt Cobain put on his list of his 50 favourite albums. Video

Opal, “Happy Nightmare Baby”
John: When I’m down for some reason, the only song comes first in my mind is this. The last few weeks I’ve been whispering it almost every day. Guess why. Video

Sleep, “Dragonaut”
Jam D: Watching Gummo was a real experience for me. “Dragonaut” is a major part of this experience. I remember myself repeating the same scene too many times just to hear the song. It’s the song that played the most important role to the evolution of the stoner scene. Video

Nikos Xylouris, “Erotokritos” (1974)
John: I used to listen to this song since I was a small kid because of my grandfather. He was born and raised in the isle of Crete and he was listening to a lot of music from his birthplace. “Erotokritos” is a romance written by Vincent Kornaros in early 17th century in the Cretan dialect. Several Greek musicians have added selected parts of the poem to their music and this specific song is the one I love most. A lot of memories … Video