Antenna Man Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Antenna Man is no stranger to the MAGNET website, considering that we shared the Indianapolis band’s track “Guitarless Man” with you last year. Today, we’re turning the tables and letting the band share some of its favorite songs—check it out below and be sure to pick up Elaine Jr. in February.

Christian Taylor, “Rain Falls Up”
David: Christian Taylor is my favorite Indianapolis songwriter and one of my favorite artists anywhere to watch perform. His stage presence is raw, and his lyrics are simple, thoughtful, playful and truthful. This song reminds me to find and delight in the beauty of every moment, and make the best of every circumstance I find myself in. This is love. Video

John Elliott, “End Of Summer Cigarettes”
David: This song gets me every time. I’ve never grown tired of it. John Elliott has a way of telling stories with sentimentality, nostalgia, beauty, romance and even frank humor that I find masterful. The refrain says it simply yet says it all: “I was fine until I saw her in a dress.” It’s a heartache worth having. The outdoor, late summer setting of this video performance makes the lyric really come to life as the crickets hum along. Video

Cedarwell, “Holy Heart”
Kendall: These guys were playing in Indianapolis a lot when I started playing the city several years back. Eric has an absolute heart of gold, and he’s an amazing songwriter. If you ever have a chance to hear them play live, it’s a really amazing experience.  There is so much sound that can come from what seems like a very minimal setup. “Holy Heart” has been one of my favorites for some time now. It has such passion and is quite representative of their style. Video

Veseria, “She Called Me H**sier”
Kendall: Patrick and Jen have been friends for some time now. They’re as Indianapolis as Indianapolis can be, and they’re two of the sweetest people. They live in our neighborhood and really know how to put on a great show. Jen has an amazing voice, and Patrick really knows how to make the guitar sing. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check this video out! Video

Jomberfox, “John Cage”
Wes: Alex Kercheval, who plays guitar and keyboard in Jomberfox, is co-owner of Postal Recording in Indianapolis. Alex played a variety of instruments on Elaine Jr., Antenna Man’s soon-to-be-released album. Lead singer of Jomberfox, Nick Vote is a complex songwriter with a smooth voice and a big stage presence. The lap steel on this track adds a nostalgic Americana sound. Jomberfox’s album Parade cements them as my favorite Indianapolis songwriters. Video

S.M. Wolf, “King Of The Suits”
Wes: S.M. Wolf always puts on a high-energy, fun show. Adam Gross, singer/songwriter behind S.M. Wolf, is a former member of Amo Joy. The band’s style is reminiscent of ‘60s surf-punk. Gross recorded the album on a four-track reel-to-reel to give it an authentic ‘60s fuzzy punk/pop sound. This track might not be as experimental as some of their other more psych-rock songs, but it always makes me want to move. Video

Bonesetters, “Savages”
Kendall: You might have heard this song playing behind the Super Bowl commercial during last year’s big game. Bonesetters have been rocking hard here in Indianapolis for some time now. They have a fantastic live show, and they’re really wonderful people to have around. Video

Cyrus Youngman, “When I Realized That I Knew”
Kendall: Cyrus’ writing is very captivating, and his stage presence is very raw and fun. He’s been a big part of the journey of our band, and we hope that he continues to play a role. Here’s a great video! Video