From The Desk Of Delicate Steve: Meeting Anand, Recording With Yeasayer

Steve Marion would like you to know, first and foremost, that he’s a human being. That’s why the New Jersey-bred guitar maestro’s given name is right there in the moniker of his primary musical project—Delicate Steve is both the four-piece live band Marion fronts and the superhero alias he assumes for his one-man recording output—and in the title of his long-in-the-works third LP. Marion will be guest editing magnet all week. Read our feature.

Marion: Anand was one of the first musicians I met who I deeply admired. I had heard Yeasayer’s Daytrotter session, and that’s how I became a fan. One night I was going to drive town to Baltimore to record with Dustin Wong of the band Ponytail, who was one of my biggest inspirations for Delicate Steve. Unfortunately, that night there was a huge snowstorm, and I had to call off the drive. Instead I went to Knitting Factory, where my friend Christian was seeing one of his biggest inspirations, the Entrance Band. In the audience, I recognized Anand, went up to him, mispronounced both his name and his band’s name, and handed him my album on a burned CD. He emailed me that night about how much he liked it, and that summer we were opening up for Yeasayer on Governor’s Island in front of our largest audience at that point. We went on to tour with Yeasayer after that. I also recorded guitar on their last two records. We’ve started a supergroup together with Austin Fisher of Suckers called Seltzer Boys that has only played two sold-out shows. Delicate Steve was also Anand’s wedding band. I also got to play in Ira’s wedding band alongside his dad on bass.