From The Desk Of Delicate Steve: Writing The “Dice” TV Theme Song

Steve Marion would like you to know, first and foremost, that he’s a human being. That’s why the New Jersey-bred guitar maestro’s given name is right there in the moniker of his primary musical project—Delicate Steve is both the four-piece live band Marion fronts and the superhero alias he assumes for his one-man recording output—and in the title of his long-in-the-works third LP. Marion will be guest editing magnet all week. Read our feature.

Marion: Last year, I wrote the theme song for the new Showtime show Dice featuring Andrew Dice Clay. The inspiration for the tune was the sound of Guns N’ Roses in the back of MSG through a tape recorder, which is what Scot Armstrong, writer of Old School, Road Trip, Starsky & Hutch and The Hangover told me to conjure up. It was a fun time. Every time you hear that heavy-ass track, just remember it was done by a guy who has a band called Delicate Steve.