From The Desk Of Delicate Steve: Delicate Steve Bios (Klosterman And Azerrad)

Steve Marion would like you to know, first and foremost, that he’s a human being. That’s why the New Jersey-bred guitar maestro’s given name is right there in the moniker of his primary musical project—Delicate Steve is both the four-piece live band Marion fronts and the superhero alias he assumes for his one-man recording output—and in the title of his long-in-the-works third LP. Marion will be guest editing magnet all week. Read our feature.

Marion: Delicate Steve has had two superstar press releases written. One is an entirely fictional bio by Chuck Klosterman that got us a lot of attention including this NPR story Everything You Know About This Band Is Wrong. Interviewers incorrectly assume we were trying to pull a stunt, when in fact it was done to make people think a more about what a bio is and how silly they can be. Getting Chuck to write our bio without ever interviewing me or hearing the music was an art piece. That’s how I think of it. The second bio for Delicate Steve was written by Michael Azerrad. For anyone who knows Michael, you know he is one of the most positive people around. And such a strong supporter of the New York music scene over the years. And not only a supporter, but someone who knows exactly what’s going on. Michael has gotten to be around some of the best musicians and music scenes in the history of music, so to see him at your show or your friends’ show is always a treat. Because that’s the kind of thing that keeps you creating and pushing things forward and staying in the moment.