From The Desk Of Jesca Hoop: “Waiting For Guffman”

The first thing you notice about singer/songwriter Jesca Hoop’s seventh full-length is how spare it sounds, each song assembled only from two or three instrumental elements and Hoop’s warm-yet-adaptive, shape-shifting voice. Then you stop hearing that sparseness, so rich does the album sound. Somewhere near a half-hour into its 40-minute running time, it hits you again, and you start wondering how the hell Memories Are Now can sound so expansive, considering its skeletal arrangements. Hoop will be guest editing all week. Read our feature.

Hoop: I was in Lockhart, Texas, the other day and I recognized beige stone building and the rusted staircase that steps up to the home of Corky Sinclair where he is inside biting his pillow. I stood under the awning at the D&Q where Libby Mae was fanning her chicken wing. This is my favorite all-time movie, perhaps because I’ve got versions of Corky and Libby on my own, past life.