MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Minor Poet’s “And How!”

Tomorrow, the EggHunt label will release And How!, the debut album from Minor Poet. A band in name only, Minor Poet is Richmond, Va., musician Andrew Carter, who wrote, played and recorded the 11 songs on the LP all by his lonesome over the course of two months after the breakup of his band the Mad Extras. Says Carter of the album, “And How! was made during an uncertain period in my life—the kind of time where a dread hangs over everything you try to do. Recording these songs was my escape. I was all alone in my dingy basement studio, getting lost in the songs and remembering why I loved making music in the first place. All I hope is that people wanna listen to this album’s weird little world and connect through our shared anxieties and daily existential dramas.” You can preorder And How! here, but you can also try before you buy below. We are proud to premiere the album today on Check it out now.