From The Desk Of Tigers Jaw: 20 Favorite Animal Instagrams

Spin, Tigers Jaw‘s latest album, is a glowing set of pop/rock tunes that denotes a shift in the band’s timeline. As the first release for producer Will Yip’s Atlantic Records imprint Black Cement, Spin is Tigers Jaw at its most composed and polished. But Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh still build upon their penchant for dizzying, unexpected hooks and bare, honest songwriting. Tigers Jaw will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with them.

Collins: One of my favorite reasons to look at my phone is to see updates from my favorite animal Instagrams. In a world where the internet can be a sad place, these animals keep me smiling. Most of these accounts are of animals who were rescued, or are accounts of people who actively help animals.

1. @kittenxlady
Hannah Shaw (a.k.a. “Kitten Lady”) is a Professional Kitten Rescuer and educator who specializes in neonatal kitten care and kitten rescuing. Apart from all of the cute kittens that Hannah posts, there is a lot to learn about the world of rescuing the most vulnerable population of cats.

2. @itsmesesame
Sesame is an opossum. She is often wearing pajamas, and her account frequently provides insight in ways to support wildlife rescue agencies.

3. @catsonamps
If you like cats and guitar gear, this is a great Instagram to look at. It’s submission based, so if you have a cat that sits on your amp, let them know!

4. @this_girl_is_a_squirrel
Jill is a four-year-old squirrel who was rescued from Hurricane Isaac. She is a self-proclaimed parkour expert and nap enthusiast.

5. @goatsofanarchy
Goats Of Anarchy is a special-needs goat rescue based in New Jersey.

6. @mrmagoothecat
Mr. Magoo is a rescue from Vancouver, BC. His lower jaw is off to one side, which causes his tongue to stick out at all times.

7. @thekangaroosanctuary
If you want to see a video of a baby kangaroo hopping into a fabric pouch, this is the account you want to look at. The Kangaroo Sanctuary rescues and raises orphan baby kangaroos.

8. @mingusthepanther
Mingus looks like he’s part cat, part bat, part saber-toothed tiger.

9. @captainweenie
No one has more attitude than Captain, and he’s an advocate for animal rescue!

10. @adventurecatsorg
A submission-based Instagram, Adventure Cats showcases felines that get out of the house and explore the world with their humans.

11. @peppersparty
Tongue out and sass at level 10, Pepper is a rescue who will immediately steal your heart.

12. @bo_catonaleash
Bo is a senior adventure cat living in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

13. @wolfgang2242
This Instagram is home to a fun cast of characters: senior dog rescues, Stuart the rabbit and Bikini the pig.

14. @macgyverlizard
MacGyver’s account is both interesting, funny and a little weird. If you want to see a dog-sized lizard eating stuff, you’ll find it here.

15. @punkrockmilo
Milo is an Atlanta-based puppy who loves live music.

16. @pokeyozzie
Ozzie the Hedgehog often poses with props and has the tiniest little teeth you’ve ever seen.

17. @jorjathesphynx
I appreciate a cat that always looks kind of pissed.

18. @bodhi.thedog
Bodhi is so cute he doesn’t even look real. His dad is also our touring guitar player, Pat Benson.

19. @doogie_mccrazypants
Doogie is a deaf Great Dane rescue who makes the best faces.

20. @venustwofacecat
Venus is a three-year-old rescue who literally looks like she’s half black cat and half calico. Her account frequently raises money for animal rescue shelters.