From The Desk Of Juana Molina: A Wooden Juicer

It’s a good thing that Argentine artist Juana Molina cut her showbiz teeth acting in humorous ’80s/’90s TV shows, because the singer—who’s just released her seventh album, Halo—is practically living a real-life sitcom. Her daughter Francisca, now 23, has moved out and wants nothing to do with the family business, which dates back to Molina’s high-profile folks, tango singer Horacio Molina and thespian Chunchuna Villafañe. But the comedic axis on which Molina’s life revolves is Rosa, her ex-husband’s nanny, who stayed on after their divorce more than a decade ago. Molina even penned a tune for her housemate called “The Gift,” but it didn’t make the final Halo cut. Molina will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.

Molina: I bought one when I was living in L.A. I saw it and found it funny. I never imagined how fond of it I would become. The only thought of having to wash a juicer with all those interstitial parts makes me yawn. I use it every day and became a master in avoiding thick pulps interfering in my delicious juice.