From The Desk Of Juana Molina: “Abel” By Alex Van Warmerdam

It’s a good thing that Argentine artist Juana Molina cut her showbiz teeth acting in humorous ’80s/’90s TV shows, because the singer—who’s just released her seventh album, Halo—is practically living a real-life sitcom. Her daughter Francisca, now 23, has moved out and wants nothing to do with the family business, which dates back to Molina’s high-profile folks, tango singer Horacio Molina and thespian Chunchuna Villafañe. But the comedic axis on which Molina’s life revolves is Rosa, her ex-husband’s nanny, who stayed on after their divorce more than a decade ago. Molina even penned a tune for her housemate called “The Gift,” but it didn’t make the final Halo cut. Molina will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.

Molina: I discovered this movie by accident. I was at home and lied down to watch TV and stumbled with a weird scene: a grown-up man in bed refusing to get up and go outside. The mother and the father get in the room, and she forces him to congratulate his son on his birthday. “Congratulations on your 31st anniver-” The mother interrupts and says “32nd.” Excellent dialogues (rather more like a play), excellent music, excellent actors (Van Warmerdam plays the son). My favorite scene: New Year’s Eve dinner. I think this film is on my top-five list.