From The Desk Of Luna: “The Jimmy Dore Show” And “Redacted Tonight”

With their first new music since 2004’s Rendezvous, the master Lou Reed disciples in Luna return to one of their strengths: covers. A Sentimental Education finds the quartet—Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, Sean Eden and Lee Wall—tackling mostly obscurities by the likes of Yes, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Mercury Rev and Fleetwood Mac. Simultaneously released companion piece A Place Of Greater Safety EP is all-original, however, though the six songs are instrumentals. Luna will be guest editing all week.

Eden: Something that has become extremely apparent and alarming to many people in this country is the heavily edited and biased journalism and opinions put forth by mainstream media. Fox News is, of course, the absolute nadir of this on TV, but certainly MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post and New York Times and others are also actually fairly right-wing and pro-establishment regarding many issues, especially when it comes to the military, foreign interventions, surveillance, health care, the finance/banking industries, etc. Yes, there is occasionally very good investigative journalism done by these news outlets, but it’s essential to get one’s news and opinion from other sources, too, and there are so many really incisive but also entertaining and funny news and opinion shows now. And some are just plain better than anything on mainstream television. Two of the best are The Jimmy Dore Show and Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight. Both are true progressive voices whose shows cover a wide variety of subjects and have many fascinating guests, and they repeatedly and amusingly expose the journalistic failures and rampant propaganda within the mainstream media.