From The Desk Of Elizabeth And The Catapult: A Love Note To Poke Bowls

Keepsake (Compass), Elizabeth Ziman’s fourth record, began when her landlord was considering jacking up the rent and she had to move across the street into a tiny apartment, far away from her recording gear and the baby grand piano on which she loved to write. Or it began when she started keeping a dream journal, writing down snippets of visions in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning on awakening. Or it began when she started leafing through old journals and diaries, little half-finished snatches of lyrics and couplets and freewriting, and tried to see if she could shape them through to some kind of completion. Well, who’s to say where anything begins or ends? But for Ziman, who records as Elizabeth And The Catapult, Keepsake was definitely a milestone record—the end of one thing, and the beginning of something else. Ziman will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.

Ziman: There’s a bunch of hype around Hawaiian Poke Bowls right now and I totally get it—I’ve become pretty addicted to them lately, eating one a day for almost three weeks (or is it four?). The place near me gives me a choice of cubed fish or tofu, toppings, vegetables, rice and sauce. Because there are so many combinations to go with, the ordering process is really just as cute and fun as eating it. And the meal itself is healthy, yummy and cheap! I think of it as a combination of a tapas menu (choices, choices, choices!) with a sushi experience. Also a little more filling than your average sushi order. Sushi plus. Thanks, Hawaii. Love you, Poke.