Film At 11: Mark Lanegan Band

There are tons of artists who come and go throughout the music world, but Mark Lanegan is sure not one of them. The Washington native carries a special place in our hearts with his brilliant pieces of work throughout the years, most recently with 10th album Gargoyle (Heavenly/PIAS), credited to the Mark Lanegan Band. Be sure to give your attention to his new video for “Emperor.” Filmed in Estonia, the clip switches back and forth between two men: one who’s just escaped from a close call with death, the other facing a mirror with a knife. Says director Joshua Lipworth of the video, “The story is based on the desperate final hours of a dictator ousted by his own people and loosely based on the fall of Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator. Firmly in denial of his desperate circumstance, he marches steadfastly toward his tragic demise.” Check out “Emperor” now.