From The Desk Of Nick Garrie: Leonard Cohen

In 1969 Nick Garrie recorded The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanisla, a lush folk/pop album. When collectors discovered it in the ’80s, it began fetching astronomical sums, and it was eventually reissued on CD in 2005. Garrie’s life in obscurity has too many twists to recount, but includes two albums as Nick Hamilton and an opening spot on a Leonard Cohen tour in 1984. The Moon And The Village (Tapete), Garrie’s first release in 23 years, is another subtle charmer. His mellow vocals are supported by arrangements that let his stories glow with a warm inner light. Garrie will be guest editing all week.

Garrie: I opened for him on his Spanish Tour. He was wearing a black suit and was unfailingly polite and solicitous. He saw our tiny dressing room and immediately took us under his wing. After the concert, he gave my guitarist some champagne.

“He doesn’t drink,” I said.

“He does now,” said Leonard.

He completely changed the way I sang and taught me how to listen to an audience.