*Repeat Repeat Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

*Repeat Repeat released Floral Canyon last year, and it’s our duty to make sure you’re aware before you put the finishing touches on your album-of-the-year list for 2017. When you’re done checking out the LP, we went ahead and picked the duo’s brains to create a mix tape of their favorite songs for you. Listen while you read along below.

Broncho, ”I Know You”
Broncho is the type of rarity band that puts out consistently great records. Their sound has evolved a bit from early punk garage to a more dreamy space garage. This song just feels like a long drive with the windows down. It’s equal parts grunge and chill at the same time.

Now, Now, ”SGL”
This song, in our minds, is the perfect pop song. There’s a kinetic energy throughout the track that’s so cool and groovy and isn’t trying too hard. When the bass kicks in at the chorus, it hits us right in the chest. Also Cacie’s vocals are so in-the-pocket and push just above the instruments with a subtly that lacks in so many pop songs right now.

Andy Shauf, ”Alexander All Alone”
This was the song that turned us on to Andy Shauf. We have a special place in our hearts for any song that has a spooky element to it, and the continuous piano/shaker combo turns the track into some ghost in the attic. We immediately fell in love with it. His record The Party is in Jared’s top 100 records of all time, and every track on it is absolutely perfect. Also he’s Canadian, which we can really get behind.

Mother Mother, ”Monkey Tree”
More Canadians! This is the only band Kristyn has ever literally fan-girled over. Mother Mother was a big inspiration in the beginnings of our band. And their older albums mix a level of intricate melodies and theatrics. On “Monkey Tree,” the band went straight down the middle and added an electro aspect to this single. We love it so much. The guy/girl vocals are so unique.

Dante Elephante, ”Never Trust A Junkie”
This band is out of California. There are a lot of bands doing the jangly lo-fi indie thing right now. These guys do it the right way. This song is just a ’50s-style chord progression played over and over again, and it’s just so fucking catchy.

Blake Mills, ”Hey Lover”
Jared’s parents did this thing where every girl in the family had a “K” name and every boy had a “J” name. I thought it was ridiculous. Until Jared met and fell in love with Kristyn and continued the tradition. When he heard the lyric “I want to raise with you, and watch our younglings hatch/Fuckin’ make the first letters of their first names match,” he was sold.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, ”Trick Pony”
We are obsessed with French pop and the Ye Ye Girls. Charlotte Gainsbourg is basically like the new wave of French pop. This album was produced by Beck, and this track specifically is so haunting and simple.

Cage The Elephant, ”Mess Around”
Sweetest humans. What a banger of a song.

The Raveonettes, ”Summer Ends”
The Raveonettes capture a dynamic that we try to emulate of often as possible. They add an element of film-noir style drama to every track on this record, and “Summer Ends” finds them creating a huge noise wall juxtaposed against incredibly washed-out vocals. It feels like you could listen to this song and literally watch the seasons change.