From The Desk Of Martin Carr: Marijuana

Martin Carr first made a name for himself in the early ’90s as the guitarist/songwriter of the Boo Radleys, whose Everything’s Alright Forever (1992), Giant Steps (1993) and Wake Up! (1995) remain essential listening from the Britpop era. The Boos disbanded in 1999, and Carr began releasing records under the bravecaptain moniker for the better part of a decade before issuing Ye Gods (And Little Fishes) under his own name in 2009. Carr is back with third solo LP New Shapes Of Life (Tapete), a compact, sophisticated and personal pop album inspired in part by the death of David Bowie. Carr will be guest editing all week.

Carr: I didn’t really smoke dope when I was younger. I preferred my kicks fast and trippy, but as I’ve gotten older, there is nothing I like more than rolling a slow one after putting my kids to bed. I don’t need much, a couple of tokes to put me over the line. The stresses and aches of the day fall away, and making music becomes even more magical. I’m not a weed nerd, don’t know my sativa from my elbow, but what I do know is that it helps me sleep and stops me worrying about my hair.