Essential New Music: Converge’s “The Dusk In Us”

Hyping Boston-based hardcore heroes Converge to a readership with backgrounds steeped in indie rock (i.e., most of you reading MAGNET) poses a unique challenge. The extreme-music set already recognizes Converge as a legend, one that continues to explore, improve and challenge 27 years into the game. For many, however, the band probably sounds like a dude belt-sanding his vocal cords over a bunch of tuneless noise played at Formula One speeds. The Dusk In Us, while delivering the goods that will keep mosh pits spinning like whirling dervishes, also offers numerous moments with appeal for those not as well-versed or ordinarily interested in raw, sonic ferocity.

In addition to standard Converge fare like the thrashing “Eye Of The Quarrel” and “I Can Tell You About Pain,” “A Single Tear” features a swirling, post-punk riff revved up by Ben Koller’s expressive drumming. “Under Duress” is a mostly slo-mo Melvins-like churner, “Trigger” is the scariest take on spaghetti-Western twang you’ll ever hear and the title track recalls a pensive Nick Cave-meets-Deftones murder ballad. There are also oddball time signatures scattered throughout that jazz scientists and prog-rock nerds should find solace in.

The Dusk In Us explores many musical avenues to offer a broad spectrum of experience across sound and style. It’s still heavy as fuck, but it’s also textural, emotional, diverse and defiant as fuck, too.

—Kevin Stewart-Panko