MP3 At 3PM: Jodee Lewis

As popular country music keeps moving farther and farther away from its traditional Nashville roots, it’s always great to find that certain artist who brings the nostalgic sound back home. Here’s a Southern native (now living in Chicago) sure to knock your cowgirl boots off. Meet Jodee Lewis, a former small-town gal who used to spend her days runnin’ through the trees, buildin’ forts and dreamin’ of the future. Now, Lewis is off and captivating music lovers with her gorgeous melodies, as heard on the title track of sophomore album Buzzard’s Bluff (out April 6). With her awe-inspiring acoustic sound and rustic voice, get ready to fall in love with Lewis. Download and/or stream “Buzzard’s Bluff” now.

“Buzzard’s Bluff” (download):