Essential New Music: Circuit des Yeux’s “Reaching For Indigo”

Attempting to pin down the last decade of peerless music of ineffable inspiration and sound that has arrived behind the Circuit des Yeux moniker (Haley Fohr, though often with primary collaborator/engineer Cooper Crain of Bitchin Bajas) is folly. Raising a bar she herself set, Fohr’s reshaping of untouchable influences (Scott Walker, Gastr del Sol, John Fahey/Jack Rose, to name a tiny percentage) into something that sounds absolutely unlike anything out there is now presented in master-class form with Circuit des Yeux’s fifth full-length since 2008. This is the type of sublime, maximalist treasure that should kick positive inspiration downstairs into the emperor-in-his-birthday-suit, for-the-sake-of-it, substance-free charlatan safe room that the experimental/abstract realm of contemporary underground music can sometimes seem like. Or rather, Reaching For Indigo is the perfect course correction when we just got an unfortunate double-album comeback by John Maus. Why add nothing to your life with two albums when you can change it and rearrange your brain with one?

—Andrew Earles