Essential New Music: Who Is She?’s “Seattle Gossip”

With ’90s nostalgia already in full swing among those who were too young for all-ages shows the first time around, the only logical place to go is all in, like a TV boyfriend dashing to the airport to apologize in the era just before terrorists and the TSA ruined the big romantic gesture. By stripping away the lo-fi trappings of cuddlecore and doubling down on sugary melodies, turn-of-the-millennium references and back-of-the-alt-weekly quandaries, Who Is She? makes music guaranteed to ease your blues over Jordan Catalano. And if you’re not, under all those layers of irony and flannel, still kinda bummed about My So-Called Life’s dyslexic dreamboat (“Jordan Catalano”) or the Scream stars’ real-life split (“I’m Getting Courteney Cox and David Arquette Back Together If It’s The Last Thing I Do”), you might be too young (or too old) to be pining for the ’90s.

—M.J. Fine