Film At 11: The Prefab Messiahs

Ah, Worcester, Mass. So much to answer for: Denis Leary, Abbie Hoffman, New Kid On The Block Jordan Knight, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, the Coors Light Twins, the Big Ragu on Laverne & Shirley, suspected serial killer and cannibal Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, the editor-in-chief of MAGNET. Yeah, it’s that kind of town. In the early ’80s, garage/psych weirdoes the Prefab Messiahs were at the forefront of the city’s Wormtown scene, playing out often but only releasing Flex Your Mind, a 1983 cassette. Fifteen years later the Devolver CD-R appeared, collecting the band’s early output, with the Burger label remastering and reissuing it in 2013 on cassette and then releasing an eight-song EP of new material, Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, two years later.

Now, the Prefab Messiahs are back with Psychsploitation Today (Lolipop/Burger), a 10-song album that mines the same scuzz-rock/post-punk territory these Wormtown freaks were cranking out when your cool uncle was still in short pants. The band just made a video for Psychsploitation Today track “Gellow Mold” (get it, millennials? probably not), and we’re premiering the clip today on Says frontman Xerox Feinberg of the track, “‘Gellow Mold’ is a woozy, hallucinogenic sonic meditation on the current state of mindless conformity and mindful manipulation, those age-old buggaboos of the psychedelically inclined—and as much a thang in our splintered, black-mirrored 21st century as ever. Slipping down rabbit holes with great wifi, we pour ourselves into predetermined shapes, jiggly cubes a-drying, a generation dying. If that sounds like a mouthful of mumbo-jumbo, it’s because it probably is, but usually with vocals lower in the mix. We wash it all down with a kaleidoscopic video montage of ancient found footage, just some jokers in our jukeboxes, trying to make contact. Dig?” Yes, we do. And so should you, so flex your mind, and check out “Gellow Mold” now.