MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Subsonics’ “You Got Eyes” Video

Hey, kids, you want a tip on a hot new band from Hotlanta? (You can tell we’re not from Atlanta because we just said “Hotlanta,” but we do love Donald Glover’s Atlanta and Cat Power has been on the cover of MAGNET and she was born in Atlanta, so we’re down with the ATL. Or something.) Anyway, a hot new band from Hotlanta? Well, it’s not Subsonics, who—as you might be surprised to find out—have been bending the ears of those in the know for more than a quarter century.

The threesome’s patented brand of garage ‘n’ glam popabilly will fit nicely on your rockin’ record rack between Wilson Pickett and the Velvet Underground. Or Little Richard and the Voidoids. Legend has it that Subsonics neighbors Black Lips called them the “best band in Atlanta,” but they might’ve been shit-faced when they said that. Or maybe the Lips owed Subsonics some cash. Who know? Who cares?

Lucky for you, Subsonics just released eighth album Flesh Colored Paint on Slovenly; pick up a copy of it here. And even if you feel you’re 26 years too late to this bespattered-punk party, it doesn’t really matter. This brainy-but-brawny band has always had one unfailing foot in the door and one felicitous foot in the gutter. When they go low, they also go high as well.

The latest single from frontman Clay Reed, drummer Buffi Aguero and bassist Rob Del Bueno (Man Or Astro-man?) is “You Got Eyes,” a minimal, minute-and-a-half of the good stuff that gives you a glimpse into the world that is Subsonics. “It’s Lasik surgery for the surveillance generation, a contact lens for the hearing impaired” says Reed, speaking about either “You Got Eyes” (the song) or “You Got Eyes” (the video). Either way, we agree.

We’re proud to premiere the video today on Watch it now—you got eyes after all.