MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere LFZ’s “Name Plus Focus” Album

Indie-label-that-could Castle Face Records keeps up its impressive winning streak (Thee Oh Sees, Kelley Stoltz, Ty Segall, et al) with the signing of LFZ. Known to his friends and family as Sean Smith, LFZ is an L.A.-based outfit creating better living through circuitry. Not only is Smith is a stellar guitar player, he also uses his analog and digital effects pedals to create an otherworldly, experimental, ambient sound you wouldn’t think possible from just one dude and his guitar. (And, OK, some synths and studio trickery.)

On July 20 (that’s this Friday, kids), Castle Face will issue Name Plus Focus, the latest from LFZ. The seven-track LP is the perfect soundtrack for whatever you’re doing: walking to work, playing vintage video games, crying in the corner because your BFF dumped you, even staring in the mirror contemplating your very sad existence. We certainly don’t want to suggest you ingest anything illegal (just say no, kids!), but we hear that LFZ might be the kind of music you put on when you’re hanging out and chilling with Mary Jane and Lucy.

But enough about our boring lives and bad habits. Let’s go to the source here. We wanted to know what Mr. Smith has to say about his latest masterwork. So we asked him. And he responded: “As a collection, Name Plus Focus represents multiple facets and characteristics of one’s whole true self while staring into the dark abyss with determination to find purpose. It links these notions with elemental themes of nature in both senses: the physical realm and the inner landscape. Drawn from a much larger body of work, this selection of music—recorded in a number of locations utilizing many different synthesizers, guitars and recording techniques both analog and digital—exemplifies the multifaceted approach to music making that is the tradition of LFZ.”

We’re impressed. For a guy who lets his music do the talking, Smith definitely has something to say about his art and the process behind it. But, dear reader/listener, all that matters to you is whether the end result is worth your valuable time. Lucky for you, it certainly is. And luckier for you, we have the whole of Name Plus Focus today on for your streaming pleasure. Forever starts now, kids.

Live dates below.

Live Dates
7/21 Los Angeles, Leroy’s
7/25 Los Angeles, Hyperion Tavern
7/27 San Francisco, Hemlock Tavern
7/28 Oakland, Land And Sea