Best Of 2018: Noise

MAGNET’s Raymond Cummings picks the best noise releases of the year

1 Tongue Depressor Null Set (self-released)
2 Travis Johnson & Friends Dubious Reservoir (self-released)
3 Jeff Carey Zero Player Game (Ehse)
4 Mike Shiflet Tetracosa (self-released)
5 Vanessa Rossetto Fashion Tape (No Rent)
6 Gerritt Wittmer I Believe (Misanthropic Agenda)
7 Universal Eyes Four Variations On “Artificial Society” (Gretchen’s American Tapes)
8 Mark Morgan Department Of Heraldry (Open Mouth)
9 Body/Head The Switch (Matador)
10 Christina Kubisch & Annea Lockwood The Secret Life Of The Inaudible (Gruenrekorder)