Live Review: Passion Pit, Philadelphia, May 24, 2019

Celebrating 10 years of beloved debut Manners, Passion Pit put on a performance filled with lots of energy and, well, passion that spread through the Fillmore Philadelphia. Many of us probably didn’t realize how powerful this album continues to be until Michael Angelakos blew the crowd away with his completely impressive, seemingly unnatural voice that reaches a pitch most couldn’t even attempt. 

Touring an album that isn’t new brings a different kind of crowd—and truly devoted fans—but the band was just as excited to be playing Manners as we were to be hearing it. Angelakos’ energy level, as he danced across either side of the stage and engaged with the fans, made the audience members even more hype to be hearing their favorite tunes. 

“Sleepyhead,” one of the band’s most popular songs, was a crowd pleaser. As Angelakos stood on one of the speakers, he belted out the lyrics, backed by a light show that made the crowd go wild. Although it may seem hard to believe, Angelakos’ voice is even more incredible in person.

The show ended with “Take A Walk,” Passion Pit’s most popular song (although not on Manners), which everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics to. Angelakos’ exuberance onstage and his interactiveness with the crowd made this show an unforgettable experience.

—words and photo by Samantha Geiger