MP3 At 3PM: The Last Bees

Milwaukee’s Ian Ash (a.k.a. the Last Bees) says the purpose of his music is to bring back the sound and vibe of the British Invasion pop/rock of the ’60s. Well, he’s achieved his goal, writing and recording songs that capture the youthful innocence of early Beatles songs. The Fab Four are actually quite an obsession for Ash, and he makes no bones about wearing that influence on both of his blazer’s sleeves. The Last Bees just released their self-titled debut EP, and one of the standout tracks is “True Or False” (written with—of all people—Jim Peterik, who co-wrote all of Survivor’s hits, including “Eye Of The Tiger”). It’s a perfect summer song, so download and/or stream “True Or False” below.

“True Or False” (download):