Best Of 2016: World Music

MAGNET’s j. poet picks the best world-music releases of the year

1 Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano Heritage (Qwest/MCPS)
2 Beats Antique Shadowbox (Beats)
3 Mariza Mundo (Nonesuch)
4 Zomba Prison Project I Will Not Stop Singing (Six Degrees)
5 Debo Band Ere Gobez (FPE)
6 Guillermo Velásquez y los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú Serrano de Corazón (Folkways)
7 Simrit Songs Of Resilience (Simritkaur)
8 Brothers Of The Baladi Gravity Of Love (Baladi Productions)
9 The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc Deliverance (NFB)
10 Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis NYN (World Music Network)

Best Of 2016: Noise

MAGNET’s Raymond Cummings picks the best noise releases of the year

1 Morgan & Dilloway Live In A Basement To No One (Voice Throwing/Hanson)
2 Vanessa Rossetto/Matthew Revert Earnest Rubbish (Erstwhile)
3 Bergegas Mati Pop Neraka (Gerpfast Kolektif)
4 Dial Noise Opera (Dial)
5 Newagehillbilly These Are Not The Final Days (Spleencoffin)
6 Lea Bertucci Axis/Atlas (Clandestine Compositions)
7 Youko Heidy Spirit Jazz (Omanutu Sher iiima)
8 Vanessa Rossetto Adult Contemporary (No Rent)
9 Starvation Time House Of Dust (Marginal Frequency)
10 The Dead C Trouble (Ba Da Bing!)

Best Of 2016: Hard Rock

MAGNET’s Matt Ryan picks the best hard-rock releases of the year

1 Temple Of The Dog Temple Of The Dog (A&M)
2 Black Mountain IV (Jagjaguwar)
3 Droids Attack Sci Fi Or Die (Riff Reaper)
4 Planes Mistaken For Stars Prey (Deathwish)
5 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Arc (Relapse)
6 Trap Them Crown Feral (Prosthetic)
7 Black Tusk Pillars Of Ash (Relapse)
8 Funeralizer Funeralizer (Crayo KC)
9 Worshipper Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee)
10 Karma To Burn Mountain Czar (Lodestar)

Best Of 2016: Jazz/Improv

MAGNET’s Bill Meyer picks the best jazz/improv releases of the year

1 Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon Both Will Escape (Family Vineyard)
2 Gunwale Polynya (Aerophonic)
3 John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Matthew Shipp Tangle (Fataka)
4 Nate Wooley Seven Storey Mountain V (Pleasure Of The Text)
5 Vampire Belt Unfit Structures (Hermit Hut)
6 Bloodmist Sheen (5049)
7 Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg Celestial Weather (TUM)
8 Stirrup Cut (Clean Feed)
9 Jeff Parker Slight Freedom (Eremite)
10 Sun Ra & His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra The Intergalactic Thing (Roaratorio)

Best Of 2016: Indie Roots

MAGNET’s Devon Leger picks the best indie-roots releases of the year

1 Kacy & Clayton Strange Country (New West)
2 Kris Drever If Wishes Were Horses (Reveal)
3 Aoife O’Donovan In The Magic Hour (Yep Roc)
4 Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest Of Glass Amythyst Kiah & Her Chest Of Glass (self-released)
5 Dwight Yoakam Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars… (Sugar Hill)
6 Tanya Tagaq Retribution (Six Shooter)
7 Anna Tivel Heroes Waking Up (Fluff & Gravy)
8 Andrew Bird Are You Serious (Loma Vista)
9 David Krakauer’s Ancestral Groove Checkpoint (Label Bleu)
10 The Cactus Blossoms You’re Dreaming (Red House)