Free MP3 From Pravada

pravda350If you like the indie-pop stylings of Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s, you might want to check out their “sister band.” Pravada, which includes three Margot members, released debut album Manus Piere this winter on the Musical Family Tree label. If you don’t feel like shelling out the cash to buy it, you’re in luck: The Indianapolis band is offering free downloads of three tracks from the LP. Margot fans will dig Pravada’s atmospheric, epic brand of pop, though there’s no evidence of the Royal Tenenbaums fixation that Margot frontman Richard Edwards possesses, which isn’t a bad thing.


“Atlas” from Manus Piere (download here):

TiVo Party Tonight: Antony And The Johnsons, Lykke Li

tivoantonyEver wonder what will happen during the last five minutes of late-night TV talk shows? They let musicians onstage! Here are tonight’s notable performers:

Late Show With David Letterman (CBS): Antony And The Johnsons
Can’t say if this is intentional or not, but Dave welcomes Antony and Donald Trump on the show tonight. One of them you want to hug; one of them you want to punch.

Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC): Lykke Li
Pithily, Li is the Björkier version of El Perro Del Mar, but count us among the very interested in her appearance on Carson Daly; it’s apparently going to be a half-hour segment/mini-concert.

Antony And The Johnsons’ “Epilepsy Is Dancing” from The Crying Light (download here):

Free MP3 From Say Hi

sayhi360It’s not that we didn’t appreciate the bedroom-pop talents of Eric Elbogen when he was going under the name Say Hi To Your Mom; we just didn’t want to write about a band called Say Hi To Your Mom. Under the shortened moniker Say Hi, we can proudly talk about Elbogen’s upcoming fifth album, Oohs & Aahs (on Barsuk, due March 3). The Seattle-based Elbogen has a-ha, OMD and the Field Mice wrapped around Oohs & Aahs like a scarf, but it never sounds like he’s a sad sack in a Snuggie; this might be the record to ease you into spring. Download here or stream below.

“November Was White, December Was Grey” from Oohs & Aahs:

TiVo Party Tonight: M. Ward, Andrew Bird

tivoabirdEver wonder what will happen during the last five minutes of late-night TV talk shows? They let musicians onstage! Here are tonight’s notable performers:

Late Show With David Letterman (CBS): M. Ward

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC): Andrew Bird

TiVo is so confused! Torn between two performers with 90 percent similarity in audience demographic; please consult user’s manual on how to record both Bird (pictured) and Ward while watching neither in real time. Forced to choose? MAGNET has seen each of these guys multiple times; Bird has the edge with his whistling and footwork on the effects pedals, but click over to Letterman just to see if Zooey‘s around and what kind of cool vintage guitar Ward’s playing.

Andrew Bird’s “Oh No” from Noble Beast (download here):

Tommy Keene Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape And Gives You A Free MP3 To Download

tommykeen540On the title track of his new In The Late Bright (Second Motion), singer/songwriter Tommy Keene claims, “The nighttime world has lost its appeal.” Don’t get the idea, though, that this notorious night owl likes to turn in early with a good book; he just tends to chill in his L.A. abode rather than go clubbing. “Remember when you were young, you wanted to go out because you might miss something?” he asks. “Well, I’m sort of over that. I’d rather sit at home and make my own fun.” Like create a MAGNET mix of his favorite tunes to get you in a “late bright” mood.

Keene—a genuine power-pop legend responsible for 1984 classic Places That Are Gone and subsequently employed by Paul Westerberg and Robert Pollard and admired by the likes of Jeff Tweedy and Pete Buck—will be guest editing this week.

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Catch A Wavves MP3

wavve366bWhile Jay Reatard slept (OK, he didn’t sleep; but last year, he released a half dozen seven-inch singles via Matador instead of making a full-length statement), Nathan Williams (a.k.a. Wavves) made the hypercolor-punk masterpiece of 2009. Williams is 22 years old, he lives with his parents in San Diego, and he grooves to both the Wipers and the Marvelettes. Nothing left to do but listen: Download “So Bored” from his second album (Wavvves, due March 17 on the Fat Possum label) here or stream audio below.

“So Bored” from Wavvves:

In The News: Wilco, Nada Surf, Silversun Pickups, The National, The Veils And Free MP3s


In a news item about the upcoming Merge Records anniversary show, we made a offhand, joking remark about singer/songwriter Richard Buckner. In the spirit of reconciliation, we’ll kick off this update by letting offended fans know that Merge will reissue three of Buckner’s out-of-print records, 1995’s Bloomed (download mp3 of “Gauzy Dress In The Sun”), 2000’s The Hill (download mp3 of “Emily Sparks”) and 2002’s Impasse (download mp3 of “Born In To Giving Up”), on March 10 … Did you know that April 18 is Record Store Day? While you’re out shopping for our present, Wilco is releasing its Ashes Of American Flags concert DVD (Nonesuch) that day to indie stores. Sharp readers know that’s a Saturday; April 28, a Tuesday, is when evil corporate retailers officially get the thing in their shops … Brit-rockers Art Brut’s third LP, Art Brut Vs. Satan (Downtown), is out May 12. Among the intriguing factoids about the record: Black Francis produced it, and it contains songs called “The Replacements” and “Alcoholics Unanimous” … Great NYC trio Nada Surf (pictured) continues its love affair with vinyl by reissuing 1998’s The Proximity Effect (download mp3 of “Hyperspace”), 2003’s Let Go (download mp3 of “Blonde On Blonde”) and 2005’s The Weight Is A Gift (download mp3 of “Do It Again”) on wax April 14 via the Barsuk label. Previously out of print on vinyl individually, the LPs were part of the band’s career-spanning, five-album vinyl boxed set last November… Legendary Australian psych-poppers the Church return with the cleverly named Untitled #23 (Second Motion/Orthodox) in late May … In a weak segue, the also-legendary Meat Puppets drop Sewn Together (Megaforce) on May 12. The Kirkwood brothers (Curt on guitar, Cris on bass) are joined by drummer Ted Marcus … L.A.’s Silversun Pickups hope to avoid the sophomore slump with their second LP, Swoon, out April 14 (Dangerbird). If you’re a gamer, look for the exclusive Silversun Pickups Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour in April, with three downloadable tracks (two from Swoon) … Glaswegian combo Camera Obscura’s My Maudlin Career (4AD) is out April 21. The record’s single, “French Navy,” will be released a week prior, but download an mp3 of the album’s title track now … MAGNET faves the Veils, um, unveil Sun Gangs on April 7 (Rough Trade). The LP was produced by Graham Sutton (Jarvis Cocker, British Sea Power) … The National announced an eight-date tour, starting May 21 in Toronto and ending May 29 in Philadelphia. The NYC band is promising new songs in the setlist.

The Veils’ “Three Sisters” from Sun Gangs:

MP3 Valentine From Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

cftpa2366All you guys (and trust me, you are all guys) who are bummed about David Berman’s Silver Jews implosion and Bill Callahan’s ruination of your hopes for a pre-release leak, buck up. Because: a) your girlfriend especially doesn’t want to hear that music today, and b) Chicago singer/songwriter Owen Ashworth (a.k.a. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) has an elegant bummer of a track from his forthcoming album (Vs. Children, out April 7 on Tomlab) available for free download here.

“With the money in the backseat, baby, we could buy a house,” sings Ashworth. “And raise a little family on Schlitz and Mickey Mouse.” And they said romance was dead. Stream below.

“Optimist Vs. The Silent Alarm (When The Saints Go Marching In)”:

MP3 Valentine From The Handsome Family

handsome370Brett and Rennie Sparks, the Southern-gothic country duo known as the Handsome Family, will release Honey Moon in April, a month in which they will also celebrate 20 years of marriage. Anyone who’s seen the loving spectacle that is the Handsome Family’s live show/comedy act/spousal insult marathon realizes that these two asylum escapees (Rennie paints pet portraits; we suspect Brett is on heavy medication) know more about love than any of us ever will. Brett and Rennie are weirder and more wonderful than any characters in a Tom Waits song, so when they give you a valentine, you should take it and bury it in a patch of land in the center of a corn maze. Download an mp3 of album track “Darling, My Darling” here or stream the song below.

“Darling, My Darling”:

MP3 Valentine From Mobius Band

mobius370bThe members of Brooklyn synth-rock outfit Mobius Band aren’t just going to give you a free mp3 that they already had lying around; no, they’ve recorded a six-song Valentine’s Day-themed covers EP and are all but placing it on your hard drive. These guys are like overconsiderate, extra-thoughtful boyfriends, and for that we should kill them, but we’re merciful and slow to complete tasks. Click here to get Empire Of Love, the aforementioned EP. What songs are covered on it? Why, that information is right here:

Empire Of Love Tracklist:
1. Say You Will (Kanye West)
2. Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers)
3. Lullaby (Dixie Chicks)
4. Satellite (TV On The Radio)
5. At My Window (Townes Van Zandt)
6. You Don’t Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)