MP3 At 3PM: The Spring Standards

Reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie at its cheeriest, the Spring Standards are a cute indie-pop trio coming off a tour opening for Rhett Miller. “Heavy Home,” off yellow//gold (Parachute Shooter), is a wonderful sample of their style: folky and tastefully adorned with strings and piano. Looking for something fun and relaxing? Download the track below.

“Heavy Home” (download):

MP3 At 3PM: Haroula Rose

The friend zone. It appears in middle school and it never goes away. Everyone’s been there and no one likes it. Haroula Rose captures that sense of childish (but still incredible) frustration of the situation with the appropriately titled “Only Friends,” off the So Easy EP. If you’re trying to escape that infamous romantic purgatory, download this song now.

“Only Friends” (download):

The Cribs: And Then There Were Three … Again

The Cribs bid adieu to Johnny Marr and get back to the streamlined punk of their early days, coupled with an evolving pop complexity

“Come On, Be A No-One” (download):

The common reaction to the Cribs’ new album, In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull (Wichita), the follow-up to 2009’s enormously successful Ignore The Ignorant, has generally been to tag it as a return to the vigorous punk tone of the band’s earliest work. Gary Jarman understands the perspective from which that opinion is derived, but he’s quick to sharpen any fuzzy logic surrounding it.

“In some ways, I take it as a compliment; in other ways I find it a bit weird,” says Jarman from his home in Portland, Ore. “We had a year off last year, and we reverted to being a three-piece, so it almost feels like the first record again. So, in some ways, I understand that. But the songs are certainly less simple than the early stuff, and it’s a progression on the last record.”

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MP3 At 3PM: Sera Cahoone

Deer Creek Canyon, Sera Cahoone‘s third album (out September 26 via Sub Pop), sounds like a title chosen just for its Americana connotations (which fit in perfectly with Cahoone’s style of country pop), but it actually holds significance in the fact that it’s where Cahoone grew up. Just bare and open as the title is the first single, “Naked.” It’s raw and emotional, and Cahoone’s voice has more than a strong presence. Download it below.

“Naked” (download):