UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell And Astro And Shaggy Play Coney Island, Baby

UB40? We be a little confused. It’s a tale two UB40s. There’s UB40, a band consisting of most of the non-singing musicians who formed the band 40 years ago, fronted for the past decade by Duncan Campbell … who replaced original singer (and younger brother) Ali Campbell, who left the group over a monetary/management dispute and has since formed UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell And Astro. (Astro was the other singer in UB40’s classic lineup.) Both UB40 and UB40 Featuring Ali Campbell And Astro are touring in celebration of the band’s 40th anniversary, so you have to ask yourself if you want to see the original band with new singers or the original singers with a new band. MAGNET photographer Wes Orshoski wisely chose the latter, catching them and Shaggy at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island.


Reign In Blood: Vampire Weekend Wears Shorts, Takes A Bite Out Of Philadelphia

Vampire Weekend brought its “Father Of The Bride” Tour to Philly’s TD Pavilion at the Mann. And while the crowd was large, the band’s pants were short. But despite what they lacked in proper stage attire, Ezra Koenig and Co. made up for it with a cover of the Boss’ “Streets Of Philadelphia.” One to watch, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram dazzled with an incredible opening set. MAGNET photographer Chris Sikich felt like he had the whole word in his lens.

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

The Selecter Celebrates Four Decades With A Very Special Night In The Big Apple

2-Tone ska legend the Selecter brought its 40th anniversary tour to NYC on September 11. It was a special night at the Gramercy Theatre, with Pauline Black, Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson and Co. playing all the hits and Rhoda Dakar (Bodysnatchers, Special AKA) joining in the festivities. But the real highlight was when the Selecter brought out NYC service people to pay tribute to the heroes from that fateful day 18 years ago. Overall, however, the night was one big, happy party, so MAGNET’s Wes Orshoski said, “Fuck art. Let’s dance. And take photos.”

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Part 2: Mac Sabbath

Did someone say Mac Sabbath? Well, it’s always a good time for the great taste of this parody/tribute band that covers Ozzy and Co. And Mac Sabbath’s special sauce? Lyrics that skewer the fast-food industry. If you deserve a break today, you need to check out their live show. MAGNET photographer Wes Orshoski was lovin’ it at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, N.J. So, kids, make it Mac Sabbath tonight. This band loves to see you smile.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Part 1: Zakk Sabbath

Zakk Wylde was dubbed Ozzy Osbourne’s best-ever guitarist in MAGNET by Canadian rockers Sloan. Mr. Wylde obviously feels the same way himself, as he fronts a Black Sabbath cover band. Zakk Sabbath also features bassist John “JD” DeServio (Black Label Society) and drummer Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age, Danzig). MAGNET photographer Wes Orshoski entered their wicked world at Warsaw in Brooklyn.