MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of The Mommyheads’ “Soundtrack To The World’s End”

The Mommyheads formed while Ronald Reagan was in the middle of his second term. They broke up when Bill Clinton was in the middle of his second term. They reformed as George W. Bush was getting ready to leave office. On Friday, the Mommyheads are set to release their first new album since The Donald became the leader of the free world, so is it just a coincidence it’s called Soundtrack To The World’s End?

“When we first got together to listen to each other’s new songs, we noticed a theme emerging: our world on the brink of social, ecological and economic catastrophe,” says mult-instrumentalist/vocalist Michael Holt. “Hopefully, those things would be on any awake mind these days. So we ran with that in our further writing and naming of the album.”

But don’t worry, kids: Soundtrack To The World’s End (Dead Frog), the band’s first LP since 2012’s Vulnerable Boy and 11th overall, isn’t all gloom and doom. Even those of you hiding under the sheets waiting for Trump’s presidency to end can find some hope and change in these tunes. Not all of these 13 tracks are about the impending apocalypse so many disheartened humans are certain is right around the corner.

“Not every song is on that topic, or even dark,” says Holt. “‘Everybody Needs A Fool,” for example, has an uplifting message in the chorus, and came out of a bunch of jamming we did in a remote cabin in upstate New York—it’s a real band co-write. That spirit of collaboration runs through the whole album, and we’re really psyched to be active again after a long break, putting ourselves out there, touring, making ourselves vulnerable to the world.”

You’re able to pre-order Soundtrack To The World’s End here, but you can try before you buy by checking out the whole album below. We’re proud to premiere it today on Give it a spin now, and if you happen to be in Sweden, you can catch the band live tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. For those of you in the New York area, you’ll have to wait a few weeks. Check out the band’s tour dates below. It may be the end of the world as you know it, but seeing the Mommyheads live will make you feel fine.

Tour Dates
9/21 Beacon, NY, The Towne Crier
9/29 Brooklyn, Union Pool
10/6 New York City, Rockwood Music Hall

MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of S-E-R-V-I-C-E’s “Hey”

Every longtime MAGNET reader should recognize the big, bearded fella in the above photo. Why, yes, on the drums, it’s Mr. Russell Simins, ladies and gentlemen. While on tour with main gig the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion five years ago, Simins met We Are Hex frontwoman Jilly Weiss. They started hanging out, wrote some songs, fell in love, got married and formed a band: S-E-R-V-I-C-E. With multi-instrumentalist Sharlene Birdsong, guitarist Mitch Geisinger and bassist Johnny Zeps, the duo recorded a rockin’ ‘n’ wailin’ debut album called Drag Me, which is out early next year. But you don’t have to wait until then to get serviced by Russell, Jilly and Co. Today we’re bringing you first single “Hey,” a caterwauling assault of a post-punk song that will help you end your bummer summer on a high note. We’re proud to premiere “Hey” right here, right now on Check it out.

MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Chronic Anxiety’s “Canopy Shyness”

For every office drone who has let out a silent, frustrated scream in her cubicle and for every keyboard warrior who has figuratively slammed his forehead onto a desktop with utter hopelessness, there’s Chronic Anxiety. The Philadelphia trio is shouting, shrieking and banging things for you, channeling workplace frustration and modern-world angst into an unrelenting howl on debut full-length Canopy Shyness (Bunny Cat). Taking pages from Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland and early White Lung and then shredding them, singer Ambr (no e), guitarist Hi Boi and drummer Hey Boi (names have been changed to protect them from employers) deliver two-minute assaults on bosses and bureaucracy.

“Ambr (no e) takes a lot of direct quotes from shit heard at work or things that are going on and then twists them together into word collages,” says Hi Boi who, like his bandmates, has held a federal or municipal government job at some point. “Maybe it’s just screaming into a void. But so many people feel the same way, so sharing and communicating that frustration is productive to being able to overcome it, or simply cope. I think that’s why Chronic Anxiety is a good name for our band, because we all suffer and experience similar things and how we cope or don’t cope heavily affects our lives.”

That experience manifests itself on “Open Floor Plan,” a Wire-y (circa Pink Flag) rant and “Central HR,” a sludgy crawl through a rough day at the office. As raw and sharp-edged as Canopy Shyness can sound, it’s noticeably cleaner than the band’s 2017 EP Faxed, a warped-reality set of songs that were processed through a beat-up, speed-varying tape machine. Chronic Anxiety recorded both releases in a former Amoroso bakery, a concrete box dubbed the Death Bakery that’s used as a shared practice space with a sonically diverse set of Philly bands such as punk slashers Great Weights and psych outfit Impressionist. As for Chronic Anxiety’s next move, Hi Boi indicates they’re upgrading to a nicer studio for an upcoming vinyl release.

“Don’t worry, though,” he says, “it’ll still be nice and shitty.”

We’re proud to premiere Canopy Shyness on The album is out August 31, and you can pre-order it here.

MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Sevi Ettinger’s “Salty Water” Video

While most 14-year-old, music-obsessed girls sit in their bedrooms making playlists, Sevi Ettinger was instead writing songs to fill these playlists. And not just tunes about boys and, well, boys. No, Ettinger—an American living in Shanghai—was penning tracks like “Salty Water,” which addresses the Syrian refugee crisis that was upsetting her so much that she felt the need do something about it. So she picked up her smartphone and recorded “Salty Water” via an app and utilizing a backing track she found online that was written by Texas musician Nate McCray. Within an hour, the song was done.

After her father posted the track online, it was discovered by Phillip Jarrell, who co-wrote ’70s smash “Torn Between Two Lovers” (ask your grandparents, kids) and helped the now-15-year-old Ettinger make a video for “Salty Water.” Jarrell introduced Ettinger’s music to Grammy-winning producer Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Cyndi Lauper, Katy Perry), who signed on to make a record with her. The result is the four-song Salty Water EP, out August 24 via Sevillana.

We’re proud to premiere the remarkable video for “Salty Water” by this up-and-coming talent today on Says the wise-beyond-her-years Ettinger, a successful fundraiser for UN refugee agency USA For UNHCR, of “Salty Water,” “I create music to give others a chance to be heard. When I was sitting in my room watching the Syrian refugees fleeing their homes, leaving everything behind, I knew they needed to be heard. My hope in writing the song is to share their voice, express their pain and show their tears. My dream is for all people to be free—to be who they want to be.”

Mission accomplished, Sevi.

MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Ben Millburn’s “Mr. Tuxedo” Video

Sunglass Moustache is not only the title of Ben Millburn‘s debut album but also the name of the group of musicians he surrounds himself with. The Austin-based, Louisiana-born musician will self-release the 11-track LP on September 14, and it comes after a handful of EPs he also issued himself. While Sunglass Moustache—made up of eight songs recorded in two days, studio improvisations and home-recorded material—isn’t a concept album, Millburn decided to make it just that via a series of 11 self-written and self-directed videos (one for each track on the LP) following a character named Mr. Tuxedo and, according to Millburn, “his rise and reign in power” as well as his adventures with Mustang Billy, Mr. Taco and others.

Since we’re premiering the clip for Mr. Tuxedo’s titular track today, we asked Millburn for some insight into the song and video. He responded, “The side effects of ambition, Frank Zappa, classical music, dub, Beck, YouTube interviews with Monica Lewinsky.” We’re guessing he’s talking about the song itself and not the video, but as Millburn is a guy who spends a lot of time with dudes named Mr. Tuxedo, Mustang Billy and Mr. Taco, we can’t be so sure.

Regardless, we’re proud to premiere the video for “Mr. Tuxedo” today on Watch it now, and as a bonus, here’s the album trailer for Sunglass Moustache: