Frightened Rabbit Released “The Midnight Organ Fight” A Decade Ago Today

A decade ago today, Frightened Rabbit released breakthrough sophomore album The Midnight Organ Fight. In fact, we named it the seventh best LP of 2008, saying, “How did Frightened Rabbit go from U.K. indie-rock upstart to author of one of the year’s top albums? Tiny changes: simple guitar melodies distilled more than single-malt Scotch; a quivering, mouth-filling brogue cracking at the edges with naked emotion; and sexually charged songs beating strong with a bleeding heart. (Thesis couplet: ‘You won’t find love in a hole/It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm.’) In lesser hands, lyrics as uneasily honest, direct and revealing as these could have been a deal-breaker. Coming from the brothers Hutchison, they are a revelation.”

Want even more of MAGNET on Frightened Rabbit and The Midnight Organ Fight? Read our initial review of the album from earlier in 2008. Even though technically it was the Year of the Rat, 2008 was also the Year of the Rabbit.

Frightened Rabbit: The Midnight Organ Fight [Fat Cat]