The Grateful Dead Released “Anthem Of The Sun” 50 Years Ago Today

50 years ago today, the Grateful Dead released Anthem Of The Sun. The faster you go, the rounder we get. Read our Q&As with Bob Weir …

Happy Birthday To Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

… and Bill Kreutzmann …

Happy Birthday Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead)

… and our review of great National-curated Dead tribute Day Of The Dead:

Essential New Music: Various Artists’ “Day Of The Dead”

Lollapalooza Debuted 27 Years Ago Today

27 years ago today, Lollapalooza kicked off its first year in Phoenix with a lineup featuring Jane’s Addiction, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Living Colour, Nine Inch Nails, Ice-T, Butthole Surfers and Rollins Band. What are seven bands you don’t want to see play outside during the day in 100-degree heat no matter how many drugs you take, Alex? View some of our images from Lollapalooza over the past decade here.