The Over/Under: The Replacements


When Matt Hickey started writing for MAGNET in 1994, he made the mistake of mentioning how much he loved the Replacements. From that point on, he was Replacements Boy. He reviewed pretty much every ex-Mats-member solo record and interviewed everyone who’d ever been in the band, with the exception of Bob Stinson and Steve Foley. (Sadly, neither is doing interviews these days.) So it fell to him to create this Mats argument-starter. Enjoy. (The selections are in vaguely chronological order.)

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The Over/Under: Robert Pollard


Our friend Roob (you’d know him if you saw him) convinced us that he’s the foremost authority on Guided By Voices and Bob Pollard. (He claims to possess 257 GBV bootlegs, which is probably 256 more than Pollard himself owns.) Somehow, that qualifies him to make the following list of the five most overrated and five most underrated non-GBV Pollard songs.

:: The Five Most Overrated Non-GBV Robert Pollard Songs
1. “Do Something Real” (1999)

One of the things that’s made Bob Pollard the greatest songwriter who ever lived is that he never quite comes out and says anything. His remarkable lyrics hint at a notion, suggest an idea, foretell a feeling. But they never just say it. With the musically jerky “Do Something Real,” from the otherwise awesome Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department (a collaboration with Doug Gillard), Pollard actually gets preachy, and it’s unbecoming of him. “Do something real with your life,” he used to say while introducing this at Guided By Voices shows. I’ll go to a Midnight Oil show and listen to Peter Garrett’s rambling morality lessons if I want to hear this kind of crap.

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