Film At 11: The Prefab Messiahs

Ah, Worcester, Mass. So much to answer for: Denis Leary, Abbie Hoffman, New Kid On The Block Jordan Knight, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, the Coors Light Twins, the Big Ragu on Laverne & Shirley, suspected serial killer and cannibal Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, the editor-in-chief of MAGNET. Yeah, it’s that kind of town. In the early ’80s, garage/psych weirdoes the Prefab Messiahs were at the forefront of the city’s Wormtown scene, playing out often but only releasing Flex Your Mind, a 1983 cassette. Fifteen years later the Devolver CD-R appeared, collecting the band’s early output, with the Burger label remastering and reissuing it in 2013 on cassette and then releasing an eight-song EP of new material, Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, two years later.

Now, the Prefab Messiahs are back with Psychsploitation Today (Lolipop/Burger), a 10-song album that mines the same scuzz-rock/post-punk territory these Wormtown freaks were cranking out when your cool uncle was still in short pants. The band just made a video for Psychsploitation Today track “Gellow Mold” (get it, millennials? probably not), and we’re premiering the clip today on Says frontman Xerox Feinberg of the track, “‘Gellow Mold’ is a woozy, hallucinogenic sonic meditation on the current state of mindless conformity and mindful manipulation, those age-old buggaboos of the psychedelically inclined—and as much a thang in our splintered, black-mirrored 21st century as ever. Slipping down rabbit holes with great wifi, we pour ourselves into predetermined shapes, jiggly cubes a-drying, a generation dying. If that sounds like a mouthful of mumbo-jumbo, it’s because it probably is, but usually with vocals lower in the mix. We wash it all down with a kaleidoscopic video montage of ancient found footage, just some jokers in our jukeboxes, trying to make contact. Dig?” Yes, we do. And so should you, so flex your mind, and check out “Gellow Mold” now.

Film At 11: Heaven

Heaven can’t wait, psych/rock fans. On March 2, the Little Cloud label will issue All Love Is Blue, the sophomore album from Brooklyn trio Heaven. But you don’t have to trust us when we tell you that you need to immediately check out this band. Instead, you can just listen to what a couple of our famous friends have written about vocalist/guitarist Matt Sumrow, drummer Mikey Jones, keyboardist/vocalist Liz Lohse and guitarist/keyboardist Eric Altesleben in MAGNET: “They play my favorite song” —Dean Wareham (Luna, Galaxie 500, Dean & Britta); “Mikey is widely regarded as the baddest drummer in the city (and by bad I mean sick, y’all)” —Adam Franklin (Swervedriver). Heaven has just released a new video for All Love Is Blue track “She’s Closer Than Everyone,” which Sumrow describes as “a song about a girl who’s psychic, who can see everything in this life, but still can’t find love. She looks in the mirror to try and see but ends up just seeing herself. There’s the life you have, then the life you see in a mirror, so let’s all pretend just for one blue moment that the psychic-mirror love that shines back at us is real.” My blue heaven, indeed. We are proud to premiere the video for “She’s Closer Than Everyone” today on Check it out now, and check them out April 7 at the Mercury Lounge with Longwave.

Film At 11: Fovea

Fovea just released debut album Pencil Me In on its Omad label, and now the New York quartet has a video for first single “Cost Of.” The script for the cool-but-creepy clip was written by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Max Weigel, who says, “The basic premise for the video hit me around Halloween 2016. I was settling into New York to pursue music, transitioning between a number of jobs and watching a lot of horror movies in a weird pursuit of personal catharsis. The song’s soft sounds mask the distress in its lyrics, so I wanted to bring that to the forefront with the video. Both the yuppie couple and the artist struggle to confront their burdens, but connect by making beautifully disgusting messes out of them.” The video was co-directed by drummer Jake DeNicola and Hil Steadman, who both also shot all the footage. Says DeNicola, “It was really fun taking this raw script that Max wrote and making it visual with Hil. It allowed me to focus purely on visual storytelling and interpreting someone else’s vision. The video touches on so many timely topics involving socioeconomics, loss of innocence, spatial politics, the American dream and employment.” We are proud to premiere “Cost Of” today on Check it out now, and go see Fovea on February 18 at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn with No Ice and Clones.

Film At 11: Franz Ferdinand

On Thursday, Glasgow’s beloved Franz Ferdinand will kick off its massive global tour in support of Always Ascending (Domino), which is out on Friday. To celebrate its release, we’re bringing you the band’s video for “Feel The Love Go.” It stars frontman Alex Kapranos as a jubilant daytime-TV preacher who “heals” people with a thrust from his coat jacket or by the touch of his hands. Toward the end, there’s even a giant congo line definitely worth enjoying. Check it out now.

Film At 11: First Aid Kit

On January 19, Swedish power duo First Aid Kit will release fourth studio album Ruins (Columbia), which boasts guest such as Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and McKenzie Smith (Midlake). While you wait, we suggest watching the new video for “Fireworks,” which features the sisters Söderberg attending prom back in the ’80s. It’s got perms, tacky high-school decorations and so much more to remind you of your once youthful days. Watch it now.

Film At 11: Dirty Sidewalks

Seattle’s Dirty Sidewalks just released debut album Bring Down The House Lights (No-Count), a dozen-song LP that follows 2015 single “It’s Getting Better,” which was featured on Showtime’s Shameless as well as by us here. The trio—brothers Erik and Evan Foster (both guitar/vocals/drum programming; Evan is a vet of both the Boss Martians and Sonics) and good buddy Evan O’Neil (bass)—has refined its sound by play live extensively since forming eight years ago, recently adding drummer Aaron Nicholes to the fold. Bring Down The House Lights opener “Rock And Roll (Save My Soul)” showcases what Dirty Sidewalks do best: Jesus And Mary Chain-inspired fuzz pop ‘n’ roll that’s instantly contagious. Says Erik Foster of the track, “To me, this song has a sinister, late-nite lurker vibe, and in my mind, those vibes are visually synonymous with rundown, old-highway motels. Thankfully, a few of them still exist, untouched. We found a prime example of this out in the middle of nowhere, near where they filmed Twin Peaks. We rented a room and shot the video. As far as I know, they had no idea what we were doing. We killed a bottle of Jameson and shot it in a few hours. Essentially, it’s cinema at it’s finest.” We are proud to premiere “Rock And Roll (Save My Soul)” today on Watch it now.

Film At 11: Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper recently released ninth studio LP Wild & Reckless, as well as announcing tour dates for this year. If that wasn’t already enough for you, the group has now brought to life album track “Joanna” in its latest video. Set in a disheveled yard, the clip explores an eerie abandoned house somewhere presumably in the South. Toward the end, there’s a fresh dead body laying out in the fields. It’s pretty creepy. Check it out now.

Film At 11: Django Django

While you eagerly wait for Django Django’s Marble Skies (out later this month via Ribbon Music), take a good look at the band’s new video for “In Your Beat.” Created by director Sophie Koko-Gate (a.k.a. SKG) and graphic designer Brodie Karman, the polychromatic clip is filled with rich pop-art echoes that dance around the screen. Says producer/drummer David Maclean of the video, “I found Brodie’s work online and was a big fan of his graphic style and his influences from rave flyers and DIY punk aesthetics. I had the idea that we could make his posters into a video and bring them to life. He was into the idea, so we brought Sophie on board to animate his mocked-up posters and bring the band into his 2D poster world.” Check out “In Your Beat” now.