Film At 11: Wavves

Back in January, it was high tides and green grass for Wavves, the fuzzed-out surf/punk (read: JAMC Jr.) duo of Nathan Williams and Ryan Ulsh. After the moderately hyped release of Wavvves on Fat Possum in February, the band toured, drank, smoked—all depicted in the video below for “No Hope Kids”—and then proceeded to melt down at a Spanish festival and cancel remaining tour dates. Drummer Ulsh is reported to have left the band, but Williams is soldiering on with Hella’s Zach Hill.

Film At 11: Slayer

Who doesn’t love Slayer? Sure, the band has been accused of being Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists over the years, but the same can be said for a lot of Republican politicians, and we’ve never seen Mike Huckabee rock nearly as hard as Tom Araya and the boys. (In fact, we’ve always thought of Araya as kindred spirit to the harmless Cliff Poncier, Matt Dillon’s character in 1992’s Singles.) Anyway, Slayer’s new album, World Painted Blood, is out later this summer. Here’s a look at the band in the studio.

Film At 11: Franz Nicolay

Franz Nicolay—the keyboardist who ruined the Hold Steady with his E Street Band fetishism—released his solo debut, Major General (Fistolo), earlier this year and is planning to tour (August in the U.S., then fall dates with Mark Eitzel and Chuck Prophet). OK, maybe he didn’t “ruin” the Hold Steady. He took it in a direction that it wouldn’t have necessarily gone with the post-Lifter Puller core leadership. You people love to argue about this stuff. Here’s the video for Major General track “The World Is An Open Door.”

Film At 11: Aeroplane Pageant

Somewhere between Of Montreal and MGMT, you’ll find New York’s Aeroplane Pageant. 2007’s Wave To The Moon earned the four childhood friends a spot onstage with Vampire Weekend, the Hold Steady and Dr. Dog; “Stars Still Pretty” is the first video from the dreamy new Even The Kids Don’t Believe Me.

Film At 11: Other Girls

Cleveland outfit Other Girls sound like Band Of Horses sweating the Strokes, and it gets hilariously more referential from here: On the video for “Hey Fella, You Fell” (from debut album Perfect Cities on Audio Eagle), the band members inhabit the covers of classic albums, from Valhalla’s Blech (a parody of Nirvana’s Bleach—how Mad magazine of them) to LPs by INSX, Elvin Costella and Creepy Bongwater Recital.

Film At 11: Dinosaur Jr

Though Dinosaur Jr has seen some rough times since forming a quarter-century ago (remember when J Mascis told Lou Barlow the band was breaking up, and then the band didn’t break up but Barlow was no longer in the band?), the group refuses to quit, offering its second LP since the original lineup reunited two years ago. Farm (Jagjaguwar) is the trio’s ninth studio album, and the video for first single “Over It” features Barlow and drummer Murph on BMX bikes, with Mascis leading the pack on a skateboard. An absolute must-see.