Film At 11: Why?

The Anticon label is best known for its avant-garde and unconventional rap releases, but Why? has hinted at taking its hip hop into more rock-solid territory. Yoni Wolf and Co. recently announced the follow-up to 2008 breakthrough Alopecia, to be released sometime this fall. Check out the video for Alopecia‘s “A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under” and eagerly await Eskimo Snow, the next installment in the bizarre and intriguing saga that is Why?

Film At 11: Lord Cut-Glass

MAGNET favorites the Delgados were a Scottish rock band that released five great studio albums (2000’s The Great Eastern, 2002’s Hate and 2004’s Universal Audio are the best of the bunch) before disbanding in 2005. They also started the Chemikal Underground label, which has put out records by the likes of Mogwai, Arab Strap and Aereogramme. Emma Pollock released her solo debut, Watch The Fireworks, in 2007, and now comes the first post-Delgados album from Alun Woodward. The self-titled debut by Lord Cut-Glass features Delgados drummer Paul Savage and is out Tuesday. MAGNET is proud to debut the video for “Look After Your Wife.”

Film At 11: Big Star

Big Star released its first two albums back when vinyl was the only option and smoking pot wasn’t really a crime. To commemorate this week’s reissue of #1 Record and Radio City (not to mention our Over/Under on the band, which resulted in death threats to the writer), here’s Big Star on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 1993 performing “In The Street.”

Film At 11: Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy

Dave Douglas is a modern jazz trumpeter who’s played with John Zorn and collaborated with Tom Waits; he’s a multi-genre (he’s been involved with spoken-word and dance, klezmer and avant-garde), multimedia kind of guy. Filmmakers Jem Cohen (Fugazi’s Instrument) and Christoph Green (Wilco’s Ashes Of American Flags) made three shorts about Douglas and his band, Brass Ecstasy, working in the studio on Spirit Moves (Greenleaf, out today). The album features eight original compositions alongside arrangements of songs by Hank Williams, Rufus Wainwright and Otis Redding. MAGNET has been debuting a clip each Tuesday night—here’s part three:

Film At 11: Petra Haden

There are so many reasons to love Petra Haden—former member of That Dog, creator of an a cappella version of The Who Sell Out, plus she once told us about how she went to Jane Fonda’s summer camp when she was a kid—that we refuse to be creeped out by the humans-in-tights landscape of this Toyota Prius commercial. Here Haden covers the Bellamy Brothers’ “Let Your Love Flow”; she’s currently working on another a cappella album. Last year, she made us a mix tape.

Film At 11: Death Vessel

Here’s the video for “Circa,” a track off the lovely and not-to-be-forgotten 2008 album by Death Vessel, Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us. If you’re looking for a monster of folk, this is your Mothra. Which is easier to believe: that this track is sung by the male voice of Joel Thibodeau, or that the video features a cameo appearance by the now grown-up baby from Nirvana’s Nevermind cover?

Film At 11: Eugene Mirman

This is for MAGNET’s four high-school readers. (We are sorry your parents got you a subscription. We know they mistook us for Alternative Press. But wasn’t it fun learning all about Ray Davies and the Kinks?) Below, comedian Eugene Mirman (Flight Of The Conchords, some upcoming Sub Pop stand-up album) gives the commencement speech to his alma mater, Lexington High School, in Massachusetts. Always remember these words: “Don’t forget to follow your dreams, unless your dreams are stupid.”

Film At 11: Holly Miranda

Lead singer of the Jealous Girlfriends, Holly Miranda (whose falsetto is sometimes reminiscent of Fiona Apple’s) is busy this month: She’s beginning a U.S. tour with AA Bondy, launching her website and debuting her Sleep On Fire EP. Check out her Takeaway Show featuring some of the songs from the EP; a free acoustic mp3 of “Waves” is also available on her site.

Film At 11: Grizzly Bear

Brooklyn art-rockers Grizzly Bear just released the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2006 album Yellow House. Already a contender for album of the year, Veckatimest (Warp) has been praised and praised and then praised some more. “Two Weeks” is one of the livelier tracks on the album.

Film At 11: The Sounds

In the wake of third album Crossing The Rubicon, Swedish quintet the Sounds debut the video for the album’s first single, “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake.” Currently on a summer tour supporting No Doubt, the band will be performing the song on The Late Show With David Letterman on June 15. The video features some generous close-ups of singer Maja Ivarsson’s ripped stocking-clad thighs.