Film At 11: British Sea Power

British Sea Power was asked to write a new score for 1934 film Man Of Aran, a quasi-documentary made by Robert J. Flaherty (who also did Nanook Of The North) about the rigors of life on the islands off Ireland’s western coast. The film has a truly Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou appearance of the monstrous (and real-life) basking shark, which the natives of Aran harpoon and use for lamp oil. A clip of BSP’s post-rock soundtrack to pre-industrial life is below; Man Of Aran is due June 9 on Rough Trade.

Film At 11: The Big Pink

U.K. duo the Big Pink sounds like a post-rock Reid brothers (you know, from the Jesus And Mary Chain), emitting a completely vibrant-yet-dark noise. Sometimes you hear Massive Attack, sometimes you hear Clan Of Xymox (actually, if you hear Clan Of Xymox in 2009, please seek help), and it all seems to take place in a Vaughan Oliver album cover. Appropriately, the Big Pink will debut on 4AD in the U.S. in September. Here’s the video for single “Too Young To Love”:

Film At 11: Del The Funky Homosapien

Lots of nerds (like us) appreciate Del The Funky Homosapien for his sci-fi Deltron 3030 project with Dan “The Automator” Nakamura or his early, funny material like “If You Must.” We’re not sure “Get It Right Now”—a typical boast about his rhyming supremacy—is the apex of his creativity, but it’s decent, and it’s on the Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) album, which you can download here for free.

Film At 11: Dexateens

If you listened to David Lowery—and you should always listen to David Lowery, because he had a dream last night but forgot what it was—you took his advice about Alabama roots-rock band Dexateens, who recently released Singlewide (Skybucket). It’s a double feature tonight; here’s a promo video for the album and the clip for leadoff track “Down Low.”

Promo video for Singlewide:

“Down Low”:

Film At 11: The Veils

Here’s the video for “The Letter” from the Veils‘ latest album, Sun Gangs (Rough Trade). And that’s frontman Finn Andrews in the fedora, looking like Johnny Depp’s understudy for the role of John Dillinger in Public Enemies.

Film At 11: Monahans

We named Low Pining, the debut by Austin’s Monahans, one of the 10 best albums you didn’t hear in 2007, saying it was like the Friends Of Dean Martinez resting under the lush sonic boughs of The Joshua Tree. Try not to miss the boat with follow-up Dim The Aurora (Misra), because this ship occasionally abandons the moodcore tempo and moves at a comfortable, Joseph Arthur-like clip. Here’s the video for album track “It’s Enough To Leave You…”