Film At 11: Delicate Steve

Today’s Film At 11 spotlights former MAGNET guest editor Delicate Steve’s ingenious video for “Tattered,” off the digital-only Cowboy Stories EP (Anti-). In the Manu Barenboim-directed clip, guitar god Steve is shown moving his lips to the six-string melodies of the instrumental song as a substitute for singing. It’s one of his best videos yet and will probably leave you replaying it at least a couple of times. Check it out now.

Film At 11: Grooms

Grooms recently released sixth album Exit Index (Western Vinyl), and now the group has shared a special video treatment for “Softer Now.” Directed by Edmond Hawkins (SNL), the clip follows a man with a rather unappealing mask as he gets unwanted attention from hundreds of strangers. Says Grooms of the clip, “Edmond, after listening to the song but not knowing what it was about, had this idea of someone being messed with by crowds of people, but you don’t know why. Or at least, he didn’t tell us. The vague menace of that worked really well with the song and the album in general, really. He made the mask himself.” Check it out now.

Film At 11: Langhorne Slim

Longtime MAGNET favorite Langhorne Slim has released yet another brilliant video, this time for “Bluebird,” off Lost At Last Vol. 1 (Dualtone). In the Joel Sadler-directed clip, Langhorne is seen performing the track on a boat with the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Casey Jane. While they play, the boat travels through a gorgeous swamp covered in pink skies that are definitely worth taking a look at. Check it out now.

Film At 11: Cherie And Renno

Cherie And Renno are a musical and romantic duo from Tel Aviv, Israel. Both Cherie (vocalist/keyboardist/food enthusiast Shiri Hadar) and Renno (vocalist/violist/songwriter Ran Shem Tov) were founding members of eclectic Israeli quartet Izabo, which released three critically acclaimed albums and represented its country in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest before disbanding. The as-of-yet-untitled debut LP from Cherie And Renno—which is rounded out by drummer Amir Bresler—will be out stateside March 2, but today we have a sneak peak via the video for album track “Cookie Stars.” As you’ll see and hear, the band’s unique sound is due primarily to Shem Tov’s instrument: a homemade, electronic, multi-synth viola that he’s been customizing for years. (Watch an interview with this drunken diva of an instrument here.) We’re proud to premiere the video for “Cookie Stars” today on Says Hadar of the clip, “We live in an old neighborhood that constantly gets trendier, attracting lots of rich people and tourists, so it’s a super-valuable piece of land for the municipality to take care of. As a result, our street is being renovated for over three months. I grew a close friendship with the workers, so we live and work together in a harmony of noise, noise, noise and dirt, dirt, dirt. One day we said hi. They looked worried, then delivered a message: ‘We’re gonna be digging right under your window tonight and tomorrow night.’ It was my bedroom’s window and the last thing I needed. But we’re friends, so in less than five minutes, we all agreed that it’s gonna make a perfect scenario for a video. So we’ll be working these nights together, filling these sleepless noisy nights with our kind of noise. We played in the middle of the street, so the neighbors weren’t happy and we had only a few shots of this spontaneous collaboration. Anyway, we all enjoyed that night from the municipality’s contribution to the urban renewal.” Food, folks and fun—what more do you need?

Film At 11: shy kids

Toronto indie-pop favorites shy kids have shared a new single and accompanying video for “The Middle,” off their imminent sophomore album, In A State. The clip centers around a multitude of carnival festivities such as an adorable dog show, bull riding and more. Check it out now. In A State is out via Culvert on February 23.

Film At 11: Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer definitely knows how to end the year with a bang. The Dresden Dolls singer just released a rather contentious anti-Trump video for her cover of Pink Floyd’s “Mother,” which features Jherek Bischof. Filmed at Opus 40 in upstate New York, the clip shows a group of children building a wall out of bricks, while a lovely string quartet plays in the background. It’s incredibly potent and definitely worth checking out. Watch it now.

Film At 11: Alex Cameron

Before 2017 concludes, Alex Cameron would like to leave you with a final video from his latest album, Forced Witness (Secretly Canadian). “Politics Of Love,” the LP’s closing track, is undoubtedly one of Cameron’s most innovative clips to date. The video stars a rugged Cameron holding what appears to be a VHS tape with “Forced Witness” scribbled on it, before a series of the album’s end credits runs. It’s quite a bittersweet goodbye. Check it out now.

Film At 11: Hollie Cook

British singer/songwriter Hollie Cook recently released synth-reggae single “Survive,” which we can’t seem to get enough of. Today, she’s back with a grainy video for the track, which includes a lovely day spent with the ebullient Cook. You’ll enjoy a brisk breakfast, an afternoon at the beach and a night at a dance club. Watch it now. Full-length Vessel Of Love is out January 26 on Merge.