MP3 At 3PM: Lightouts

It is fitting that the melodic, nostalgia-shaded dance-pop Lightouts¬†have covered lo-fi indie legends Guided By Voices. Since the duo’s emergence into the NYC hipster scene, Lightouts have been compared to groups that first graced our ears through cassette tapes: Joy Division, Smashing Pumpkins, the Stone Roses. “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” is a mid-period GBV tune, and Lightouts’ iteration effectively reflects the influence of different musical generations. Quivering Cars-esque vocals mesh with a Saves The Day-like juxtaposition of sprightly punk-pop guitar and jump-off-a-bridge lyrics. It’s a perfect teaser for the duo’s forthcoming debut LP, Want, a concept album tackling intrinsic desires.

“The Official Ironmen Rally Song” (download):