From The Desk Of Mree: Imogen Heap

MreeLogoMree’s second self-produced album, Winterwell, is a passionate blend of heartfelt acoustic folk and plush electronic textures, brought to life by her rich, multi-layered vocals. Mree’s lush harmonies float in and out of the mix like perfumed clouds, drawing you into a dizzying swirl of muted colors and ambiguous emotions. Armed with a guitar and an effects pedal that allows her to loop her vocals into an ever-shifting collage of sound, Mree is able to reproduce most of the album when she plays live. The New Jersey multi-instrumentalist will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on her.


Mree: Imogen Heap is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. This song in particular just leaves me in awe. What I love most about her work is how the music production is so in line with the music, where the song is going, what it’s supposed to make you feel at certain moments. You hear her sing the chorus at different points of the song, the same lyrics and chord progression, yet they feel completely different from each other. Delicate and bouncy, then harsh and crystallized. So creative and artistically done.

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