MAGNET’s #4 Album Of 2015: Courtney Barnett’s “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”

“Put me on a pedestal, and I’ll only disappoint you,” warns Australian folk-rocker Courtney Barnett on a punk-chorded “Pedestrian At
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MAGNET’s #5 Album Of 2015: Royal Headache’s “High”

The second LP from this Sydney, Australia quartet—its members are identified only as Shogun (vocals), Law (guitar), Joe (bass) and
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MAGNET’s #6 Album Of 2015: Joanna Newsom’s “Divers”

Has it really been nearly six years since Have One On Me? But it just stopped playing! (Have one on
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #7 Album Of 2015: The Libertines’ “Anthems For Doomed Youth”

That the Libertines—returning to the spotlight after imploding more than a decade ago—managed to record a new album, let alone
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MAGNET’s #8 Album Of 2015: Sufjan Stevens’ “Carrie & Lowell”

After a decade and a half of holding it down as indie’s resident maximalist (try finding a review of Illinois
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #9 Album Of 2015: Deafheaven’s “New Bermuda”

Deafheaven is by no means the first metal band to combine the delicate and the brutal, but by god, the
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MAGNET’s #10 Album Of 2015: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “E*MO*TION”

Let’s be real: You are dead inside. You have been since the first Bush administration. You are a callous, unfeeling
/ BEST OF 2015



MAGNET’s #11 Album Of 2015: Low’s “Ones And Sixes”

"Gentle... quiet... careful... measured... stable..." The ambiguous string of adjectives that opens Low’s 11th album reads like a decidedly facile
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MAGNET’s #12 Album Of 2015: Sleater-Kinney’s “No Cities To Love”

Sleater-Kinney did everything right with its comeback album, the trio’s first since 2005’s The Woods. Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #13 Album Of 2015: Ricked Wicky’s “Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair”

Not that there’s anything wrong with Robert Pollard’s solo LPs, but his band-centric collaborations seem to invigorate him, and working
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #14 Album Of 2015: Jim O’Rourke’s “Simple Songs”

In a recent interview with BOMB magazine, Jim O’Rourke recalled having to justify to his father his habit of rewatching
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #15 Album Of 2015: Blur’s “The Magic Whip”

Despite having reformed six years ago to play occasional live gigs, the prospect of an entire album’s worth of new
/ BEST OF 2015



MAGNET’s #16 Album Of 2015: Richard Hawley’s “Hollow Meadows”

I’ve spent a lot of time in the U.K. over the years, but I’ve never been to Sheffield. Having also
/ BEST OF 2015

MAGNET’s #17 Album Of 2015: Screaming Females’ “Rose Mountain”

In the wild—that is, onstage, their preferred habitat—Screaming Females are a force of nature. Driven by Marissa Paternoster’s intimidating guitar
/ BEST OF 2015

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MAGNET’s #18 Album Of 2015: Destroyer’s “Poison Season”

Dan Bejar has evolved from being a cranky, brilliant word guy to a sophisticated, brilliant bandleader, and the ch-ch-changes have
/ BEST OF 2015