From The Desk Of OK Go’s Damian Kulash:

OKGoThis past winter was an eventful time for OK Go, between the release of third album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, disputes with EMI over its YouTube videos and an eventual split with the label and the creation of Paradacute Records. But even after all the dust settled, the music is still stuck in our heads—because OK Go definitely still has it. Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky brings us little nuggets of unbridled optimism set to catchy pop beats with Damian Kulash’s funky falsetto soaring overhead—and, in typical OK Go fashion, some of the most awesome videos ever made. OK Go is taking time between dates on its worldwide tour supporting the LP in order to guest edit all week. Read our Q&A with Kulash.


Kulash: is a website that connects normal-people philanthropists (or rather, anyone interested in giving at any level) with educational projects in need of funding. Basically, it’s like the eBay or Craigslist of giving: Teachers post the classroom projects they need funds for, and you go on, pick a one that’s deserving of funds and contribute whatever you want. calls it citizen philanthropy, and true genius is that it makes charitable giving as direct and transparent for the giver of $15 as huge institutions normally make it for their six- and seven-zero donors. You can see exactly where your money is going, and the teachers and students respond directly to donors with notes and photos, so you know exactly how effective your gift was. None of the donations is used for administrative costs, though you can chose to add a bit on top to help with that, and 90% of donors do. And there are tons of extra benefits. The students witness, first hand, both the value of their education and the principles of generosity and compassion—essentially, fundamental lessons in being a good citizen. And because of’s size and buying power, they can be much more efficient and effective than a single school, or even most school districts, ever could. Can you imagine how eager Barnes & Noble is to keep their business, for instance? Clearly I am not alone in my fuzzy-hearted warmth for So far they’ve channeled more than $52 million to students in need.

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