From The Desk Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre: An Intro


Newcombe: I was asked to be a guest editor for MAGNET, one of the few publications I still respect since it was founded, so kudos for that. I was told I could write about anything in the world that interests me. So I am going to focus on the rebirth of the do-it-yourself music labels. Just like me and my own label, A Recordings, they have a strong belief system about releasing vinyl.

It’s a shame that I won’t have enough space to get down and dirty. I intended to include several more labels like Finders Keepers, who do great reissues of soundtracks, and Hyperdub out of London, which is hands-down the best electronic and new music label on earth. So let’s look at what I do have from some of the people I asked to tell me about about themselves and their labels.

I wanted to present seven labels and what they are up to right now. My questions were very simple: Who are you, what made you want to buck the trends, and what inspired you to release physical products.