From The Desk Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe: Light In The Attic Records, Part 1

From The Desk Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s Anton Newcombe: “I was asked to be a guest editor for MAGNET, one of the few publications I still respect since it was founded, so kudos for that. I was told I could write about anything in the world that interests me. So I am going to focus on the rebirth of the do-it-yourself music labels. Just like me and my own label, A Recordings, they have a strong belief system about releasing vinyl. I wanted to present seven labels and what they are up to right now. My questions were very simple: Who are you, what made you want to buck the trends, and what inspired you to release physical products. Enjoy.”


Newcombe: I really respect Light In The Attic Records, so I asked Matt Sullivan first …

Sullivan: Light In The Attic launched in 2002 with a primary focus on properly archiving and shining a light on artists and albums who never got their due respect back in the day. Since then, we’ve released more than 150 albums by such artists as Jim Sullivan, Betty Davis, Serge Gainsbourg, Rodriguez, Karen Dalton, Donnie & Joe Emerson, Wendy Rene and Lee Hazlewood. For us, the beauty of the physical specimen can’t be overstated. We love vinyl, CDs, and the feeling of interacting and experiencing music in the physical sense. Although our catalog is available digitally (which is a medium that we enjoy), holding a record in your hands, staring at the album art, placing the needle on the wax and letting it unwind in real time is a brilliant thing.

Light In The Attic Records’ YouTube channel.