Thurston Moore On Sonic Youth Being Dissed By Juno MacGuff

How do you feel about Sonic Youth’s 1994 cover of the Carpenters’ “Superstar” being called “just noise” in the film Juno?

Every once in a while, you’ll be asked whether your music can be used in a movie. Invariably, we always ask, “What’s the movie about?” Because you don’t want it to be some kind of grotesque film. I didn’t even remember that they’d used the song until I was watching it with my daughter, then I was like, “Oh my god!” [Laughs] When Mark (Jason Bateman) tells Juno (Ellen Page), “Here’s a Sonic Youth song, I think you’ll really like this,” and then he plays the song that’s the least indicative of our music—us covering a Carpenters tune—it’s such an odd choice. It’s also funny that she would be into totally hardcore punk—Iggy, Patti Smith, the Runaways—and then quantify Sonic Youth as “just a bunch of noise.” But I think she was just angry at the guy and trying to get back at him.